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Vertical pharmacy cross

Cruz vertical farmacia barcelona

Vertical pharmacy cross

Cruz vertical farmacia barcelona

Vertical pharmacy cross installation


Vertical pharmacy cross


Vertical pharmacy LED cross installation


Pharmacy cross in Barcelona



LED pharmacy crosses

Nowadays pharmacy crosses are the order of the day, but in such a saturated market and where it is so difficult to stand out Cosmi brings effective solutions. Pharmacies need a cross to stand out from the rest of the illuminated signs that flood the streets.

Pharmacy crosses: Vertical placement

LED crosses for pharmacies are usually seen on the facades of businesses installed horizontally. The exception comes from the hand of Cosmi, the installation of pharmacy crosses vertically or as it is commonly known among sign makers, in lollipop. The multiple options that gives you the power to place the crosses vertically make it almost impossible not to stand out from your competition, among the options is to place the cross vertically anchored to a totem as shown in the images.


imagen proxima del totem donde esta colocada la cruz de farmacia de forma vertical
imagen de cerca de la cruz de farmacia a plena luz del dia
montaje de la cruz de farmacia vertical en barcelona

LED vertical cross installation

Barcelonas vertical cross installation

In the case we can see in the pictures, the customer was looking for something different, he did not want a conventional cross installation. The differences between this installation and a conventional cross installation lies not only in the place of installation but also in the vertical disposition that this one has. If we analyze this installation carefully we can see that the cross is located on top of a totem pole, the height and magnitude of the totem pole help the cross to stand out above the rest of the elements of the square where it is located. The ability of the cross to stand out is in accordance with the incredible quality of Cosmi, the brightness of the cross is enough so that even in the middle of the day and in full sun the cross of Cosmi is still visible.


LED Cosmi crosses


Pharmacy crosses

In the Cosmi catalog you will find from standard pharmacy crosses to the Orion range of LED crosses. All Cosmi cross options can be placed vertically. In the case of Orion crosses, a different bracket will be required. The limits to creating a stunning and eye-catching cross installation are wherever you want to go.

imagen donde se ven los distintos modelos de cruz orion

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If you want to have in your pharmacy a cross installed horizontally or vertically as these or you have a project of Full Color LED screens, please contact us and we will contact you immediately so that one of our distributors will contact you.

LED Pharmacy Cross

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