Tips: Avoiding lines between LED screen booths

At the Cosmi brand, we strive every day to offer cutting-edge technology equipment and to improve our product capacity and functionalities. That is why we aim to offer a simpler and more functional product every day.

In this case, we are going to see how they are joined together to avoid the lines between Cosmi modular rear access LED screens (although this process is the same in front opening booths), such as the Full Colour P4, P5 and P8 screens. These modular units have an identical chassis, so their installation method is the same.



Tips: Avoiding lines between LED screen booths

Constant improvement. Absence of joint lines

At Cosmi we want the overall result of the screens to be excellent, which is why we strive to improve our equipment every day so that they can improve their performance and save time. In this case we have upgraded our rear access chassis into modular equipment. This improvement allows:

  • Greater safety between cabs. This implies a reinforcement that ensures a perfect assembly.
  •  A perfect union between cabins, eliminating the separation lines. This means that the union between cabins, whether P4, P5 or P8 Cosmi, is a complete screen in its entirety, with no separation lines between cabins. This improvement is due to a perfect synergy between the rear access chassis and the arrangement of the LEDs in each cabin that form an infinite screen.

Example of the absence of lines in a Cosmi unit and other units of other brands:

Screen with booths and Cosmi linking system.


Pantalla con cabinas y sistema de unión Cosmi



          Non-branded screen with no bonding system


As can be seen in the example, there is a notable difference between a unit that looks like a total screen and one in which the separation lines between booths are visible.

With this new joining system, Cosmi intends to guarantee the absence of separations for life, always achieving a homogeneous, clean and high quality display, both for the user and for the buyer.

Over the years and due to small seismic movements, the LED screen may suffer small alterations. Among these alterations is the separation between cabinets and consequently the appreciation of separation lines between cabins. Cosmi thus ensures a longer service life with the highest quality.


Tips: Avoiding lines between LED screen booths




Necessary accessories for connection:

All Cosmi rigid booths come with a number of accessories per booth and per total screen (the number of total accessories will vary depending on the total screen dimensions) .

For horizontal assembly, Cosmi has included silicone washers, watertight fasteners and two screws for joining the booths:



Accessories included for connecting the cabinets:
  • Silicone washers and sealing rings
  • Connecting screws
  • Accessories already included in the Cosmi booths


Tips: Avoiding lines between LED screen booths

Connection system between cabins.

Cosmi’s outdoor LED cabins come with four holes (these holes are the same in cabins with rear and front access. It is important to note that this connection system is designed for the connection between screens placed in line.

As shown in the picture below. The holes will be in charge of ensuring a perfect joint horizontally and between cabins. Avoiding in this way, that the lines between equipments can be seen, or water can enter to the chassis (since these equipments are outdoor).

ejemplo de cabinas led traseras


Installing the connecting screw between Cosmi booths

The connecting screw will fix the chassis to create a complete screen that looks spectacular as a whole, with no lines to interrupt the viewing.

To install this screw the first step is to align the cockpits.

The second step is to place the silicone washer inside the cabinet.

By means of the quick gluing system that this silicone washer has, it allows a quick installation and a greater protection that always ensures the watertightness of the Cosmi Full colour screen.

The washers are glued inside the cabins. On the two holes on each side. See photo below.


montaje de cabinas led traseras

Marking the holes where the silicone washers are to be glued.


The third step is to insert the connecting screws through these holes. Each fixing hole that makes up the cabin has a threaded hole. This allows the screw to be fixed between the cabinets without the need for union nuts.

Example with another type of longer screw to see the union result:


ejemplo del cabinet de las pantallas led


Another way of joining the cabins is to place the silicone washer on the screw and then insert it into the relevant holes of each cabin.

Watch the video for a full explanation.



After being joined together, each booth goes from being an independent piece of equipment to forming part of a whole, which blends in with the rest of the booths, creating a full colour screen for advertising or live content as a whole.


Tips: Avoiding lines between LED screen booths


Note: This tip also applies to Cosmi modular units with front access, such as:


And which ensures watertightness and elimination of lines between LED cabins.

And which ensures watertightness and elimination of lines between LED cabins.

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