Murcia Welcomes Christmas 2023 with Cosmi Technology

el alcalde de murcia presentando el nuevo cartel de navidad 2023 murcia con el lema vuelve a soñar en el mupi cosmi full color

Yesterday, under clear, sunny skies, Mayor Ballesta officially inaugurated the Christmas spirit in Murcia with the revealing slogan “Dream Again”.


The Plaza de Santo Domingo witnessed an enchanting event that marked the start of the festivities, highlighting an innovative digital element: Cosmi’s Full Color mupi.

Despite the early morning, the Christmas poster was unveiled with a touch of magic and an invitation to rediscover the joy of dreaming in this special season. The Full Color Cosmi mupi, which accompanied the event, not only stood out with its attractive design, but also proved its effectiveness by being perfectly visible even in the early hours of the day.


presentacion del nuevo cartel navideño 2023 en mupi led full color cosmi

Murcia Welcomes Christmas 2023 with Cosmi Technology

This modern digital advertising system not only serves as a decorative element, but also plays a key role as an informative and advertising medium in the streets of Murcia. The presence of devices such as mupis and LED screens contributes to the transformation of cities into true smart cities, providing relevant information and promotions in a dynamic way.


The Full Color Cosmi mupi, with its ability to display vibrant messages and impactful advertisements, highlights the importance of integrating digital elements into the urban fabric.


These devices not only beautify public spaces, but also offer citizens and visitors an enriching experience during special events such as the Christmas season.


In conclusion, the unveiling of the Christmas sign in Murcia not only marked the beginning of the Christmas celebration, but also highlighted the relevance of digital elements such as the Full Color Cosmi mupi in the promotion of events and in the creation of more connected and intelligent cities. This year, “Vuelve a Soñar” will be more than a slogan; it will be a visual and emotional experience that will light up the streets of Murcia throughout the Christmas season.

Murcia Welcomes Christmas 2023 with Cosmi Technology


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