Mupi Full Color P4 Cosmi in Madrid

mupi full color madrid Cosmi

Visual Impact in Madrid: Installation of Cosmi’s Full Colour P4 Mupi in front of the Hotel María Cristina

Mupi Full Color P4 Cosmi in Madrid

In Madrid’s bustling pedestrian street, the arrival of Cosmi’s Full Color P4 Mupi in front of the Hotel María Cristina has revolutionised outdoor advertising. This dynamic totem is not only a sight to behold, but its installation process was a milestone in advertising innovation in the Spanish capital.

The installation was flawless, and the two powerful advantages of this Mupi were soon revealed: its high brightness, which makes it visible from long distances, and its dynamic and infinite content. Passers-by cannot miss the vibrant screen that displays not only static images, but also captivating videos and dynamic messages.

mupi full color totem madrid exterior calle

In addition, Cosmi’s Full Color P4 Mupi has proven its resistance to atmospheric phenomena, successfully coping with the changing weather conditions in Madrid.

A memorable anecdote was its exceptional performance during a rainy day, where it maintained its high brightness without compromising visual quality.


This advertising totem is more than just an advertisement; it is a versatile tool that allows content to be changed in real time. From local events to exclusive promotions, its ability to display video, photos and more provides businesses with a dynamic advertising platform

mupi con control remoto encendido apagado

In the competitive world of outdoor advertising, Cosmi’s Full Color P4 Mupi stands out.

Ready to take your message to new heights in Madrid?


Discover how this dynamic Mupi can transform your marketing strategy and captivate your audience.

Maximise your visibility with Cosmi and let your message shine in the heart of the capital! #MadridAdvertising #MupiLED #CosmiInnovation”.

If you don’t know which is the mupi you need. Contact us at


If you don’t know which is the mupi you need. Contact us at.

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