What is the manufacturing process of a Cosmi screen like?


manufacturing process of a Cosmi screen


En Cosmi cada uno de los detalles son esenciales para la construcción perfecta




La búsqueda constante de la perfección y de una calidad excepcional conduce a nuestros expertos a dotar cada equipo de las más altas prestaciones del mercado. En cuestión de placas Cosmi, desde su fabricación cada Led es montado y revisado uno a uno, pasando por un proceso de ensamblaje y pruebas extremas de rendimiento que garantizan un resultado final impecable.


manufacturing process of a Cosmi screen



Each assembled board is regulated by a power supply that maintains and stabilises the current that enters each of them, so that it always remains constant, thus achieving an optimal result and a long life for each of the electronic components of the Cosmi displays.


fuente alimentacion de pantalla led cosmi






manufacturing process of a Cosmi screen



We know that perfection is not achieved by chance. Cosmi displays are subjected to various demanding tests for watertightness, resistance, power, temperature, etc.


manufacturing process of a Cosmi screen



The operation of any display would not be possible without the right board for each display. For this reason we take very seriously that each card is adapted to the final composition of the screen to achieve optimum communication between the visual content and each board. This ensures that each LED dot lights up in the corresponding colour number from among the 36 million colours offered by Cosmi Full Colour screens.


manufacturing process of a Cosmi screen


To maintain a constant flow of communication, there must be perfect wiring between the various components. This is done by hand and with the utmost care, ensuring that both power and communication data flow stably at all times.


manufacturing process of a Cosmi screen


After final assembly of each Cosmi Full Colour display. A series of performance tests and checks are carried out to ensure that it meets physical and sensory expectations. Ensuring that it meets the highest quality criteria established at Cosmi.


montaje definitivo de cada pantalla Cosmi Full Color


manufacturing process of a Cosmi screen

What accessories are included with Cosmi screens?

All Cosmi Full Colour screens enjoy a series of accessories included by default to elevate Cosmi screens to the highest category. Offering a further plus to the purchasing experience.


repuestos cosmi incluidos en pantallas

Accessories included:


      • Connecting screws
      • Fastening anchors
      • Locking key.
      • Control software
      • Welcome manual
      • Spare plates
      • Cosmi Club access code



tornillos chasis fijos Cosmi


Connecting screws:

These screws adapt to each other in order to place a Full Color booth on top of another booth. This reinforces the safety and protection of the Full Colour screen as a whole. On fixed chassis


Anchorage anchoragesanclajes de pantallas cosmi

This type of anchor implements the anti-tilt safety between the cabins that make up the screen. One end is bolted to one of the cabins and the other end to the next cabin, creating the necessary safety that prevents the cabins from separating.



cierre de seguridad pantallas fijas cosmi



Locking key


This type of key is another security feature. LED displays with rear access have doors for access to the inside of the sign that can only be opened with this type of master key. This prevents anyone from gaining access to the inside of the Cosmi display.




manufacturing process of a Cosmi screen

Cosmi Software

The entire range of Cosmi products includes free software for the management and control of the full colour screen. This software is easy and intuitive.   In addition, Cosmi wanted to go a step further and we have available a series of free video tutorials to control this program and get the most out of the Cosmi screens.    

manufacturing process of a Cosmi screen

Do you want to add an accessory to your display?

Discover all available Cosmi accessories 


manual de pantallas cosmiInstallation methods

We have elaborated technical contents with details such as how to connect between booths. What the transmitter and receiver cards are and what they are used for, maintenance forecast for Cosmi full colour screens, information on Cosmi products, etc.




Spare plates

placas led cosmi full color

Depending on the size of each screen, a number of Full Colour LED plates are provided for replacement in case of possible breakage. So that this screen is always covered and its LED chips have the same colour code.





manufacturing process of a Cosmi screen


Cosmi Club access codetarjeta acceso club cosmi

By becoming a Cosmi partner or distributor you get access to the Cosmi Club. If you are an end customer or if any of our partners have installed equipment for you, you can register with their consent in the user club. Create an account in your area of the Cosmi Club and become a member. In this club you can find different updates of the display management program, instructions, the aforementioned video tutorials that easily explain how to create content for any Cosmi display, as well as free content or access to the Cloud server.  



manufacturing process of a Cosmi screen


All Cosmi Full Colour displays can reach a new dimension with the elements that can be optionally included in the display, generating an even more complete experience.


These elements are referred to the connection method and sensors available.The default connection method for Cosmi displays is via RJ45 cable (data cable), and USB connection (see Cosmi catalogue to see which products are available).


Otra opción no incluida, es a través de la conexión por WIFI, con la cual la pantalla también puede modificarse también  por medio de la APP disponible para Android.





manufacturing process of a Led screen

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