Led sports video scoreboards

Videomarcadores deportivos Led. Imagen videomarcador 360 grados del estadio santiago bernabeu

Led video scoreboard

360 video scoreboard from the Bernabéu and the rest of the world

Led Sport video scoreboard

In recent years Real Madrid has sought to renovate its stadium to stay at the forefront of technology. Without any doubt the architectural achievement of the Bernabéu is impressive, but we will focus on what is currently attracting the most attention, the 360 video scoreboard. An LED screen covering 3,700 square meters and weighing a total of 330 tons, the total cost to the club is more than 100 million euros.


imagen del interior del estadio santiago bernabéu donde se ve una simulación de como seria el estadio un dia de partido con el videomarcador ya terminado

Led Sport video scoreboard

Almost at the same time as the remodeling of the Bernabéu, the reconstruction of the Camp Nou has begun, another great project which, on the other hand, does not have LED screens that cause so much astonishment. However, if the works are carried out as planned, there is no doubt that we are facing one of the best stadiums in the world.

Videomarcadores deportivos Led. imagen del nou camp nou y su interior donde podemos apreciar las pantallas led con las que contara la nuevo estadio

Sport videoscoreboard comparation


Today we are familiar with the classic scoreboard used in sport events where we are shown information such as the teams playing the match and its result, mainly. But this concept of scoreboard is beginning to change and it seems that a new era of technological advancement and development that seeks to impress us. From now on we will talk about video scoreboards instead of just scoreboards.


Led Sport video scoreboard

360 video scoreboard

Real Madrid’s ambitious project in its quest to renovate the Santiago Bernabéu delights us with a gorgeous piece of engineering such as its 360 video scoreboard. Despite the revolutionary nature of Madrid’s project, you don’t have to leave the Spanish capital to find another stadium with a 360 screen: Atlético de Madrid stadium, the Metropolitano, has a screen that completely surrounds the stadium..

Videomarcadores deportivos Led. Imagen videomarcador 360 grados del estadio santiago bernabeu

Led Sport video scoreboard

Scoreboard revolution

If the 360 video scoreboard amazes and fascinates us with its magnitude and complexity, the two-sided 360 video scoreboard does it even more, but is such a feat possible? Yes, located in the SoFi Stadium in California, this video scoreboard takes everything that is amazing about the Santiago Bernabeu video scoreboard and duplicates it. Such is the magnitude that the video scoreboard brings to the stadium that it has already been visited by teams like Barça.


Led Sport video scoreboard

Renovation race

Since the launch of the renovation of the Santiago Bernabéu, there has been an architectural race to renovate the stadiums of the biggest teams, some examples include Barça, Betis, Milan… While it is true that the renovation is going viral, for the moment no project seems as ambitious as the one of the white club.

imagen del nuevo estadio del barsa, vista aerea del proyecto de estadio nou camp nou

Led Sport video scoreboard

The best Led video scoreboard

Ever since the ambitious Bernabéu renovation project was on the table, there has been no doubt about its spectacular nature. On the other hand, the fact that this project is one of the biggest in the world does not mean that it is the best. The title of the best stadium has to be awarded to the previously mentioned SoFi Stadium in California. The construction of more than 5000 million dollars is crowned with what until now is the best LED video scoreboard ever created, a prodigy of engineering that covers 5300 square meters thanks to its LED screens that together create a 360-degree circumference on both sides.


Led sport video scoreboard

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