LED sports screens in the Granada stadium

pantalla led esponsor en campo de futbol granada cosmi

LED sports screens in the Granada stadium

In an exciting milestone for football fans and technology enthusiasts, the Granada stadium has taken a bold step into the future with the installation of Cosmi’s stunning P8 LED screens in its first ring. This project, which aims to enhance the spectator experience, has completely transformed the way in which sporting events are enjoyed.

pantalla deporte led anillo estadio granada cosmi

LED sports screens in the Granada stadium

Installation of sports screens

During the installation of these innovative screens, a team of Cosmi experts encountered exciting challenges and unique anecdotes. From navigating unpredictable weather conditions to collaboration between technology professionals and stadium staff, the process was filled with memorable moments.

The end result is impressive, with Cosmi’s P8 LED displays providing a unique platform for advertising.

From dynamic advertisements to exciting promotions, these displays offer the perfect space for brands to stand out during events, providing unrivalled opportunities for visibility and exposure.

pantalla anillo led full color campo de futbol granada cosmi


The benefits of integrating full colour LED screens into stadiums and football grounds are plentiful.

Not only do they enhance the spectator experience, but they also offer sponsors and advertisers a powerful platform to reach their target audience.

From relevant information to creative advertising, these screens have become essential tools for both informing and marketing in the exciting world of football.


In a nutshell:

The installation of Cosmi’s P8 LED screens at the Granada stadium marks a significant milestone in the fusion of technology and sports.

This breakthrough has not only elevated the spectator experience, but also opened an exciting new chapter in sports advertising and sponsorship.

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