LED displays on storefronts: the Street Marketing revolution

pantallas led publicitarias

LED screens on facades

Street marketing is one of the most creative and fun ways to promote a product or brand. This concept encompasses all those techniques and strategies that use public roads to be executed. The objective of this formula is to have a strong impact on consumers.

Street Marketing through LED screens on facades is considered by specialists as one of the most powerful and effective ways for the advertising objectives of companies.

Possibly few spaces such as the facades of buildings in large cities represent such an effective structure for advertising. When digital media are placed on them, the effect is truly striking and eye-catching. Inevitably, passers-by will look at that screen and consume the message.

The facades optimize the promotional result in the streets, as they are easy to orient, communicating emotions, capturing the attention of a public that is active, and therefore perceptible to the messages of the environment.

Experience or advertising, the difference in marketing with LEDs on facades

For an advertising project to have a real effect on people and turn them into potential customers, they must be part of the campaign, they must feel like protagonists and not just mere spectators.

Both guerrilla marketing and Street Marketing achieve this effect on passers-by, even more so when using LED screens located on the facades of buildings.

LED screens on the facades of buildings or companies manage to create an environment where the individual reality merges with the illusory state of the images and the play of light. People let this particular visual experience enter their inner world, so that the promotional message is installed more deeply and effectively in the subconscious, becoming part of their needs or solutions in a completely natural way, without being consciously perceived.

High-impact promotional solutions

In a completely visual world, promotional solutions must make a real impact on the public. LED technology has made it possible to set up installations where large screens can catch the attention of thousands of passers-by every day.

The facades, one of the most frequented places of passage in big cities, are presented as ideal locations to offer these promotional solutions in the public road using LED technology, leaving a highly lasting impression on the users of the public road.

The stridency of colors, images and visual games is very difficult to ignore. This strategy is not limited to the large centers of the most populous towns and cities. It is a system that is effective in most public places where they are installed, since, even in quieter cities, they will serve as beacons for passers-by.

The digital Signage (digital signage) arrives in Spain

The advertising strategy that is based on the projection of digital content and videos through screens, LED signs, totems and other multimedia devices conquers the national public spaces. With this concept, digital advertising goes beyond the physical limits of cell phones and computers to enter fully into the real world.

This format allows companies to combine the advantages of digital advertising with the more traditional and conventional outdoor advertising. Organizations can create, manage, publish and distribute their own content.

Reference places in the capital, such as the Plaza del Callao, give an idea of what this formula to promote and advertise within the concept of Street Marketing means.

It is in this central passage of Madrid where the largest LED screens in Spain are located; no less than 6 meters wide by 37 meters high reach some of them. The information, advertising, news offered by this means have, as can be expected, a great impact, reaching a potential audience of 113 million people, the number that passes through this square each year, approximately.

Types of LED screens for Street Marketing

There are two basic types of LED screens for building facades. On the one hand, those intended to occupy indoor places and, on the other hand, those for outdoor use. Within each group, they are distinguished according to their use and dimensions.

LED screens for indoor spaces

These LED screens are displayed through shop windows or hung on some support, always inside the commercial premises, so that the sizes are not usually too high in most cases.

However, there are shopping centers such as La Nueva Condomina in Murcia, where you can see a huge LED screen hanging in the center when entering the building.

These LED screens are designed to be highly visible and attract the customer’s attention to a particular product or service once inside the establishment.

The potential of these advertising elements for direct selling is evident. Users can be watching product promotions while walking around the facilities and buy it thanks to the information that is broadcast during this time.

Outdoor LED screens: street, outside shopping malls, etc.

In this case, large LED screens are required, since the public to be reached is located in a more or less wide environment. These are those that are usually located on the facades of large buildings in places of passage of large numbers of people.

Their objective is to project attractive, constantly moving, high-definition images. In this way, they will arouse the interest of passers-by, even if they are far away from the location of the screen, and they will do so instantly, returning to look repeatedly during their journey.

Our Cosmi LED displays for building exteriors are made of materials that withstand weather conditions and are highly resistant to rain, wind, hail, snow and temperature changes.

As a general rule, they are prepared to constantly and uninterruptedly broadcast an appropriate content directed to the public passing by at certain hours.

Totems and LED illuminated signs

You will surely recognize the classic green cross that is placed outside pharmacies. This is a classic example of totems, but they can be hung on walls on a fixed support or portable, even on wheels to be placed outside during the hours the business is open.

These advertising screens can include software that facilitates the programming of the contents to be projected and allows modifications to be made on the fly, if necessary.

LED signs can be compared to the old illuminated glass signs with a light inside. These are undoubtedly much more spectacular, so the attention of the passerby is greater.

In addition, as it is known, LED lighting is much more economical, they consume less energy and can be in operation 24 hours a day.

In short, LED screens for facades achieve a greater power of attraction, an improvement in brand perception and the possibility of introducing and managing content with ease. According to experts in advertising and digital marketing, approximately80% of people who look at these screens will remember the name of the company, product or service being advertised.

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