Led screens in the cinema

pantallas led para cines

Today, full color screens that used to be a purely advertising tool have made the big leap to the cinema. Cinemas are starting to replace conventional projectors with full colour LED screens.

LED screens in the cinema

The main reason for this is the very high resolution and colour quality achieved with LED screens.



The origins of cinema

The conventional film projector, also known as the cinema projector, was created in 1888 by the artist and inventor Louis Le Prince. However, it was the Lumiére brothers who created the cinematograph six years later.

With the advances and the arrival of television in homes, cinema had to reinvent itself and in 1950 the digital projector appeared, this type of equipment uses DLP technology based on mirrors that move reflecting the light with different intensity and colour.

Today, cinema is going one step further, and once again needs to reinvent itself. With the arrival of the new LED, OLED or QLED televisions, which have resolutions up to 4K.

But the technological giants are going one step further, and last 2018 LG and Samsung presented their 8k televisions at the IFA consumer electronics fair in Berlin.

With these new technologies on the market, cinema is obliged to offer its users added value in terms of resolution and image quality that translates into an experience beyond what they can get at home.



LED screens in the cinema

The breakthrough of LED technology in the cinema

That is why on 13 March 2019, Odeon Multicines presented the first cinema in Spain with an Onyx LED screen, a technology developed by Samsung, which is installed in Madrid.

According to the general manager of these cinemas, this type of LED technology reduces light pollution and, as the light is emitted from the screen, it enhances blacks and achieves a more detailed reproduction of images.



The 6 keys to the insertion of LEDs in the cinema

If we look at the history of cinema from its origins we will understand the great progress it has made since its invention. But here are the 6 key reasons why in the very near future, cinemas will change their conventional projectors for a good indoor full color LED advertising screen:


#1. Space saving

Until now, cinemas needed a projection booth where the projector was located for the output of the film.

With the installation of an LED screen in the cinema, it is the screen itself which, by means of its light emitting diodes, emits the content and generates the images. This allows more space in the auditorium for seating.


#2. Exceptional image quality

Another advantage of a LED screen with respect to image projection is its visual quality. Digital projectors reproduce images through reflective liquid crystals that open and close, reflecting or blocking the light source.

On the other hand, with modular LED technology, each diode reproduces one colour. For example, a Cosmi range booth measuring 640*640mm with a pixel pitch of 2.5 has a total of 65,536 diodes.

This quantity multiplied by the dimensions of a special cinema screen translates into millions of colour-emitting dots (LEDs), resulting in a perfect image of high color quality.



#3. Reducing light pollution

As the general manager of the Odeon cinemas pointed out, the fact that the light is emitted from the cinema screen itself allows for greater reliability of colour, especially blacks, and a considerable reduction in light pollution,


#4.The new door to the cinema for events

LED screens open up a new world of possibilities and uses for cinemas. Given that LED technology does not lose colour quality with ambient light, it is possible to create events in cinemas, live broadcasts, shows, concerts, etc.tc.


#5. A visual experience

The image quality of LED screens, together with contrast, sharpness and brightness, create a visual environment that results in an experience for the user. Through the images, colour reliability and large size, a complete immersion in the film is achieved.


#6. Pirate-proof screens:

This type of led screens emit light with each diode, which means to the human eye the image quality is exceptional but when recording the screen if it is not done with a professional support the result will not be as expected. Producing unexpected brightness and emitting the refreshment that to the human eye is not seen.



With Cosmi products we want to provide new full colour solutions, hand in hand with our official partners and we have already updated different congress halls and meeting rooms throughout Spain and Portugal, in addition to having in hand different projects in cinemas.

Do you want to install one of our LED screens? Contact us without obligation.

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