How to choose a petrol station LED price list

pantalla led en totem de gasolinera full color cosmi


LED displays for petrol stations

The same as when choosing a full color LED display, when installing a new petrol station numbers it is necessary to take into account a series of aspects:


-Where the LED display is to be installed:

Either embedded in a totem pole, or on the contrary, an increasingly widespread practice is to place them embedded on a billboard.

Depending on their location, a registration box should be chosen or not.



LED displays for petrol stations

– Visibility of the service station:


Another essential aspect to get the most out of LED displays for petrol stations is the location of the service station.

If it is on a through road and at a certain height, one size will be used, and if the petrol station is located on a secondary road or in a place where there is a large influx of people, for example near a shopping centre, these full colour LED screens for petrol stations must be larger to capture the attention of the potential customer.

In addition, with the new full colour screens you can not only show the informative price of the different fuels, but you can also communicate offers, products, etc.




totem de gasolinera moderno full color con distintas informaciones. Display gasol led streep full color


– Pitch choice:

the pixel pitch also affects gas station prices as it is a factor to take into account when carrying out a project of this kind.

At Cosmi we have a special chassis for this type of scenario, and specifically for petrol station totems. And they are the P8V rear access screens.


PANTALLA P8V trasera vertical AGUA COSMI


– Form of communication:

Once all these factors have been taken into account, the next step is to choose the form of communication between the petrol station LED displays.

All full colour LED displays can be configured with the most suitable configuration system for each installation. Which is not included. Consult Cosmi communication accessories



LED displays for petrol stations
Fuel prices in a big way


With all these factors to take into account, we proceed to the installation of Cosmi petrol station displays.

In this case we present a new installation with Cosmi prices in Murcia.

For this installation, Cosmi screens were chosen to provide an excellent view over long distances.


pantalla led en totem de gasolinera full color cosmi



LED screens for petrol stations

This installation was carried out on a corporate totem dedicated to this purpose.

To ensure its watertight function and the protection of sources and wiring against atmospheric and environmental phenomena, a drawer was placed that followed the line of this service station and by means of its quick-opening tabs ensured perfect access to the inside of the panel for possible repairs.

Another factor was the screen, it was decided to use this special full colour LED screen for the petrol station.

All these factors resulted in a quality, professional and high quality work, which offers a clear image of the prices of the petrol station to be seen from great distances.



LED screens for petrol stations


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