LED Monoposte: The new advertising resource

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The digital monopost is the new advertising resource that is becoming fashionable due to its versatility, functionality and resistance.

Although the conventional monopost is still highly regarded due to the large number of advertising structures that exist, the digital billboard is spreading rapidly. In this article we will explain the advantages and benefits of LED billboards.

  • The conventional billboard
  • The Full Color billboard. Advantages and innovation
  • Where are digital monopost usually placed?


The conventional monopost.

LED monopoles or digital billboards go one step further than the conventional monopoles or billboards that everyone knows and that are usually installed in traffic areas, cities, industrial estates, etc.

This type of outdoor advertising resource is made up of a metal mast that can vary in height in metres, it can also be a metallic structure on which the advertising canvas is placed. The most common in this type of outdoor advertising is a metallic panel on which the advertising is glued, etc. When it is updated, the obsolete advertising is removed and a new one is placed.



ejemplo de monoposte publicitario

           ejemplo de monoposte publicitario 2


As an example of an outdoor billboard and the best known throughout Spain, is the Osborne bull billboard.

It was created for an advertising campaign to advertise the brandy of the Osborne group and over the years, after flooding the roads of Spain, it became an emblem of Spain and was declared “cultural and artistic heritage of the people of Spain”.


ejemplo publiciad toro de osborne


LED monopost: The new advertising resource
The Full Color advertising monopost. Advantages and innovation


With the emergence of new technologies on the advertising scene, conventional billboards have also been updated. The versatility of the full color booths allows the creation of giant screens and therefore their placement as a digital monopost.

At Cosmi we have manufactured a standard digital monopost with the purpose of offering advertising and information solutions, as well as providing cutting-edge finished equipment and design

The LED monoposts have a series of advantages, unattainable for conventional totems or billboards:


#1.Possibility to change content with a single click.

Cosmi full color displays and therefore Cosmi monopoles have, due to their functionality and full colour capabilities, the possibility to change and create content through the Cosmi software, which is free and easy to install. As well as through the Cloud server. A service that allows you to change and create content remotely for any screen you have, anywhere in the world. These tools allow the display to offer the advertising or information you want at any time.

Another added value in Cosmi’s digital billboard scheduling is the content scheduling function, which means that a certain content can be scheduled to appear on a certain day and at a certain time. For example, launching an advertising campaign that will only be seen on X weekends per month.

#2.Real-time reporting

Cosmi monopoles or full-color information displays have the possibility to offer the time, temperature or humidity of the environment. This allows passers-by on the street or vehicles driving near this LED monopost to know in real time what the time, temperature or humidity is at that moment in their city.


monoposte led para informacion

 installation of monoposte with Cosmi full color screen by our #partner Cosmi in Yecla (Murcia)

LED Monoposte: The new advertising resource

#3. Adequate and striking brightness for every moment

With Cosmi LED monoposts you can adjust the brightness of each digital display or monopost, both manually and automatically. The brightness, contrast, quality and movement of the images capture the attention of the passer-by or vehicle, thus giving greater visibility to the advertising or information that is broadcast on this type of digital monopost.


Cosmi displays have a differential feature: the brightness can be self-programmed so that it can be regulated automatically. In this way, in daylight the screen will emit a higher brightness, while at night it will lower its brightness to avoid light pollution, of course, without ever giving up its image quality.

monoposte digital led

Photograph of a monopost with Cosmi Full Colour screen in Murcia, Spain


The digital monoposts are definitely here to stay and are an advanced outdoor advertising resource that captures the attention, as well as having the possibility to offer a much more dynamic advertising to passers-by and vehicles passing by. In addition, the brightness, contrast, sharpness and high performance of Cosmi LED displays allow you to deliver clear content from much further away than conventional signage.


LED monoposts: The new advertising resource


Where are digital monopoles typically placed?

Full-colour digital signs or Cosmi LED billboards are elements that can be placed anywhere. Their IP rating allows them to be installed outdoors without any problems. They are resistant to rain, atmospheric phenomena, pollution, etc.

They are usually placed near high traffic roads, places close to companies, city centres for citizen information, etc.

This type of digital billboards or LED monopoles are a resource increasingly used by city councils and advertising agencies, due to their great functionality, useful life, on/off programming or their changing content.


#1. In municipalities

City councils place digital monopoles in their city centres and often use them as an information resource for their citizens. Offering them the time or live temperature, but also useful information such as city information, shows, cultural or sporting events, as well as the promotion of public events.


#2. Advertising agencies

Advertising agencies use digital billboards to place advertising for their clients. More and more agencies have a large number of strategic locations where they have placed conventional monopoles.

In this new century they see the need for a renewal of their monopoles to state-of-the-art equipment, functionality and long life.This means being able to change their content directly from the office and at the moment without having to travel to the place where the billboard is installed.



LED Monoposte: The new advertising resource

Cosmi, in its quest to offer cutting-edge equipment that adapts to the market and offers added value, has developed a high quality digital monopost. Made of matt stainless steel with a high luminosity full-colour screen that hangs from the wall. This is the union between design and avant-garde in exteriors.


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