Installation orthopedic yellow LED cross . Albacete

Installation orthopedic yellow LED cross . Albacete

More data:

Equipment: P8s Full Color Cosmi cross


Location: Albacete


Where: Ortophedic



Installation description

Orthopedics with dynamic LED crosses for full color display. Albacete

Thanks to the Cosmi Full color crosses and its customization power, different health companies depending on their work can enjoy greater visibility 24 hours a day through the new Cosmi LED illuminated signs, special LED pharmacy crosses.

This project was carried out in Albacete with a Cosmi Full Color cross, this cross was intended for orthopedics, so it was necessary for the customer that this cross was yellow.

Cosmi, meeting the requirements of the same offered a yellow cross with full color capabilities that designate the Cosmi brand.

These cross-shaped screens are ideal for displaying videos, images, offers, time, temperature. Gone are those crosses that could only display sets of colors.

In addition, this LED cross also has the ability to program on and off time through Cosmi’s free software. For PC and mobile


Installation orthopedic yellow LED cross . Albacete

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The installation of the Cosmi Full Color orthopedic cross was installed a pixel pich 8, for its characteristics, its classic design and its Full Color format.
Another factor was its size, its high brightness, and its optimization for medium and long distances.
In this way, passers-by passing through this street in Albacete could quickly see that there was an orthopedic clinic here, which also had a technological and attention-grabbing feature: the possibility of full-color content.


Cosmi Full Color pharmacy crosses are the perfect element for this type of business that seeks to attract, show offers but also inform at every time of the year of different contents, such as colds, the best sun protection for summer, etc.


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