Installation of the biggest Huawei showroom with Cosmi displays. France

acceso a la openlab 3.0 cosmi. display led cosmi en huawei showroom

The biggest Huawei showroom with Cosmi displays. France

Más datos Instalación de pantallas Cosmi para Showroom Huawei. Francia:

Equipment: P2,5 indoor Ionmax screens


Location: Paris


Where: OpenLab 3.0 Huawei



Description of the Huawei installation

The biggest Huawei showroom with Cosmi displays. France


Transforming the Visual Experience at Huawei OpenLab 3.0 with Cosmi’s P2.5 Full Color Ionmax Displays

Huawei OpenLab 3.0 in Paris has experienced a visual revolution with the installation of Cosmi’s state-of-the-art P2.5 Full Color Ionmax displays. This project, led by Cosmi’s authorised distributor, was a milestone in indoor LED display technology.

The installation process was a meticulous ballet performed by the specialised team of installers from our partner Cosmi in France. Amidst the laughter and cables, a surprising anecdote unfolded during the installation: one of the P2.5 screens began to flicker to the rhythm of the ambient music. What initially could have been a setback turned into an unexpected touch of creativity, one of the technicians started dancing to the music and the laughter was for a short period of time the tune of OpenLab 3.0. As expected, this screen flicker was quickly solved by the team of technicians, as it was just a badly tightened cable.

The biggest Huawei showroom with Cosmi displays. France

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proceso de instalacion de pantallas led full color cosmi en huawei francia
PANTALLA P2,5 full color cosmi web cosmi

Ionmax P2,5 Cosmi indoor LED screen

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The biggest Huawei showroom with Cosmi displays. France

The end result is simply stunning. Cosmi’s P2.5 displays deliver dazzling colours and extraordinary sharpness, transforming OpenLab 3.0 into an unrivalled visual experience. Every detail is presented with breathtaking clarity, cementing Cosmi’s reputation for delivering cutting-edge technology.

The biggest Huawei showroom with Cosmi displays. France

The unveiling of these displays in Europe’s largest showroom, created by Huawei, sets a new standard in the world of digital visualisation. OpenLab 3.0 is now a benchmark that fuses Huawei’s technological innovation with Cosmi’s high-end display implementation excellence.

The process not only brought a new visual era to life in OpenLab 3.0, but also demonstrated that even small unforeseen events can become distinctive and attractive elements. The installation of Cosmi’s P2.5 Full Color Ionmax P2.5 displays has taken the viewing experience to new heights, offering visitors to OpenLab 3.0 a spectacular and unforgettable visual experience.

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The biggest Huawei showroom with Cosmi displays. France

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