Installation of P5 XL LED Monopost -Murcia

Monopost P5 XL LED Full Color Cosmi police station Los Alcazares

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Equipment: Monopost P5 XL LED Full Color Cosmi



Location: Murcia


Where: Los Alcazares Police Station



installation description

Monopost P5 XL LED Full Color Cosmi


The installation of the P5 XL monopost at the Los Alcazares police station followed a series of processes:


The first was to choose the right place for the installation of the monopost. It must be visible from a suitable distance and in a location that allows easy access for maintenance. In addition, it must be ensured that the site complies with local rules and regulations regarding the installation of outdoor advertising.


Prior to the installation of the monopost, permission from the local authorities is required. Once this has been obtained, the site is prepared for the installation and the installation begins.

Finally, once the installation is done, the monopost must be maintained to ensure its proper functioning and the inhabitants of Los Alcazares can enjoy the information provided by this monoposte P5 XL LED Full Color.

Monopost P5 XL LED Full Color Cosmi

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The P5 XL Full Color LED monopost is a large advertising structure designed to be seen from a considerable distance.
Among the features of the P5 XL monopost, we can highlight:
Its height of around 4.5 meters.
Its illumination since it has an integrated system that allows advertising to be visible both day and night.
This LED sign is designed to withstand extreme weather conditions, such as strong winds, rain and intense sun.
Our P5 XL monopost has the added value of temperature, humidity and brightness sensors that are included in the LED sign.
This P5 XL monopost is an excellent choice for the promotion of products and services in places with high traffic and visibility, such as the police station of Los Alcazares.




If you want a P5 XL monopost like this one, be sure to contact us and we will immediately get one of our nearest distributors to install one of our P5 XL LED Full Color Cosmi monoposts.

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