Installation of outdoor Cosmi LED banner screen. Asturias

pantalla banner led en exterior asturias cosmi

Installation of outdoor Cosmi LED banner screen. Asturias

Last summer the installation of the Full Color outdoor screen was carried out. The installation was carried out on a large scale for the opening of their shop. The great possibilities offered by this type of screen was vital to take a step beyond the simple illuminated sign and install an LED screen. After installation and commissioning, Cosmi offered an unbeatable after-sales service, providing advice and ensuring correct operation. For this outdoor display, everything had to be watertight as the LED Aviles display was to be installed at its headquarters in Asturias, an area where atmospheric phenomena are even more pronounced. The LED Aviles team placed the screen in perfect harmony with the environment, achieving an optimum result with which they were very satisfied.  

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pantalla led aviles en forma de banner cosmi asturias encendida
pantalla led aviles en forma de banner cosmi asturias

The installation of a banner LED screen on the façade of a building not only transforms the appearance of a space, but also has its own history and challenges.

In this installation, there was a memorable anecdote. As a team of skilled installers worked tirelessly to assemble the LED modules and join the chassis together, unexpected rain threatened to delay the process. However, the team’s determination prevailed and, under a fine drizzle, they managed to complete the installation successfully.

Installation of outdoor Cosmi LED banner screen. Asturias

The bespoke, modular, banner format LED display finally came to life on the building’s façade. With impressive resolution and a brightness that shone even under cloudy skies, the screen lit up the street and became an instant attraction for passers-by. The magic of these screens lies in their ability to communicate messages in an impactful way. From promoting products and events to spreading awareness messages, these screens are a powerful means of interacting with the public.

Screen installation in Asturias. In a nutshell

The installation of a banner LED display is much more than just a visual upgrade. It is a story of perseverance and dedication that culminates in a powerful means of communication. It transforms the façade of any company, shop or business into a dynamic platform that attracts attention and leaves a lasting impression in the minds of those who pass by. These displays not only illuminate the city, but also illuminate the endless possibilities of modern advertising.


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