Installation of Orion Cross P5 XXL in pharmacy -Benidorm

Installation of Orion Cross P5 XXL in pharmacy -Benidorm

More data:

Equipment: Orion Cross P5 XXL Full Color Cosmi



Location: Benidorm


Where: Pharmacy



Installation description

Cross LED P5 XXL Full Color LED Cosmi -Benidorm

This Orion Led cross of maximum resolution, stands out for its Full Color function and its great visualization power.
This project was carried out in Benidorm, through the official Cosmi partner in the area.
The partner attended in a personalized way and advised on what type of cross of the Cosmi range fit with the corporate identity of the pharmacy, as well as, I attended to the customer’s requirements.
In addition to a pharmacy sign, he wanted a cross that could be used to inform about the temperature, the time, and to advertise health-related products.
In addition, with this P5 XXL Full Color LED cross, our partner installed different sets of colors, moving gifs and content specially created for pharmacies.

Cross P5 XXL Full Color Cosmi

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The owner of this pharmacy decided to install this P5 XXL Full Color cross for several reasons such as image quality and real time information that can attract passers-by.
The P5 XXL LED cross can be used to differentiate from the competition. It allows the pharmacy to communicate promotions effectively.

Finally, the Orion P5 XXL cross is excellent for increasing brand visibility by displaying personalized and high quality messages, the pharmacy can create a strong and consistent brand image.


In conclusion, the client took the advice of our partner and was very satisfied with the result of the installation of the Orion P5 XXL Full Color LED cross.

Do you have a pharmacy or similar business?

Choose this Full Color LED cross, or if you prefer, contact us and we will immediately arrange for one of our nearest distributors to install one of our LED crosses.

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