Installation of a programable digital LED monopost- Barcelona

Installation of a programable digital LED monopost- Barcelona

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Equipment: P5 LED Full Color monopost by Cosmi


Location: Barcelona


Where: Sant Fost de Campsentelles town hall



Installation description

Monoposte P5 doble cara LED Full Color Cosmi- Barcelona


The town hall of Sant Fost de Campsentelles chose to install our double-sided P5 Full Color LED monopost.

This installation was carried out very professionally and in an optimal time.

Our P5 Full Color LED monoposts have a software called cloud zone from where you can control the information of the LED sign very easily and quickly, changing its content from any mobile device or PC.

Thanks to this, the passers-by of Sant Fost de Campsentelles can enjoy all the information about time and temperature, shows and cultural or sporting events through our urban LED panel.




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P5 double-sided LED Full Color monopost by Cosmi

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In Sant Fost de Campsentelles 3 installations were carried out in different parts of the municipality of our double-sided LED urban signs that have:


Pitch of 5mm

Brightness between 5000/5500 nits

It is highly recommended for this type of urban LED panels, the use of a starter protector to prevent overheating in the LED sign. In addition, the Full Color LED monopost includes a brightness sensor, temperature sensor, brightness and humidity.

If you are a city council and you want a LED urban panel like this one, please contact us and we will immediately get one of our nearest distributors to install one of our LED Full Color Cosmi video scoreboards.

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