Installation of a LED cross with curve P8 design in a pharmacy. Valencia

Installation of a pharmacy Curve cross. Valencia

More data:

Equipment: P8 Curve Full Color cross Cosmi


Location: Valencia


Where: Pharmacy



Installation description

The lightest pharmacy cross and design. Rounded lines, aluminum construction, Cosmi quality.

Cosmi has within its range of classic crosses a LED cross with a minimalist design and rounded lines. All assembled in the same finished LED kit. This cross is manufactured in gray anodized aluminum with unparalleled performance.

In this installation in Valencia the manager of the pharmacy opted for a LED cross model curve.

This cross can also be installed in other businesses such as clinics, veterinarians, orthopedics, aesthetic, etc..


Our partner in Valencia shared with us the installation process of the LED Curve cross of Cosmi in this pharmacy in Valencia.

For this installation the client wanted a design and super slim cross. But without forgetting the Full Color functionality to be able to place dynamic contents that went beyond the conventional ones.

This client wanted to be able to place games of lights, but also advertisements of creams, weather information, or promotions. Besides being a cross that fit perfectly with the corporate identity of the pharmacy. That is why he chose the P8 curve pharmacy cross.

This Full Color P8 curve LED cross has the same pitch as some of Cosmi’s classic models, but with a different design than the classic LED crosses and a lighter weight due to its aluminum construction.

In addition, this model comes with a special claw. With an exclusive design for the Orion line. Like its chassis, this claw is also super slim.

Now the people of Valencia who pass by this street can enjoy the content of this Full Color cross in which news, offers, information, and infinite content can be displayed in a new illuminated sign.

A design Led cross that captures all eyes.

P8 Curve Full Color cross

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When the P8 curve cross was installed, the pharmacist only knew that he wanted a different cross and that it was in full color to advance technologically and have more possibilities of content in his cross.
In the end, advised by our partner and expert Cosmi, he decided on this curve pixel pich 8mm cross, for its design, slimness and full color display for outdoor use.


In addition Cosmi offers you its free software and App to control the Cosmi LED crosses through your computer or mobile phone.


Do you have a cross and you want the brightness to be automatically regulated?
Add the automatic brightness sensor and let the LED cross itself regulate its brightness according to the luxes of the environment.

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If you have a pharmaceutical business and want a sign like this, do not hesitate to contact us and we will immediately get one of our nearest distributors to install one of our LED crosses.

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