Installation of a LED banner for tobacconist. Murcia

Installation of a LED banner for tobacconist. Murcia

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Equipo: Banderola P5 Full Color Cosmi. Estándar


Ubicación: Murcia


Donde: Estanco



Installation description

LED Full Color banner designed by Cosmi

Cosmi has within its range of standardized equipment, the line of double-sided LED banners. These standard equipments have different pitches depending on the needs of each customer. Its double LED display allows the visualization in both directions.

This P5 banner has a square format and adapts to each space by means of its claw. An electronic sign that is increasingly used in tobacconists.

In this installation in Murcia, the client needed a device that could change the content and capture the attention of passers-by.

This LED banner is increasingly used in tobacconists, but it is also often installed in parking lots, driving schools, or any business that requires a dynamic double-sided sign. The matte black finish of Cosmi banners make it an element that adapts by design to any place* (you can customize your LED banner in the color you need).


Our partner in Murcia shared with us the installation process of this Cosmi LED banner in Murcia.

For this installation the client wanted a banner in which he could put sets of GIFs of tobacco shop in motion, in order to inform potential customers of the location of their tobacconist.

In addition, to be able to offer double-sided information with this technology, such as putting the time or the ambient temperature. He also wanted to promote some products beyond just cigars.

The installation of the P5 LED banner was completed in one day and the manager of the tobacconist was very satisfied with the result.

In addition this tobacconist wanted to be able to advertise and inform their potential customers that it was a local authorized by state lotteries and betting.

Now the people of Murcia who pass through this street can enjoy the content of this banner in which news, offers, information, and infinite content can be displayed on a new double-sided LED sign.

A custom red LED banner with an incredible brightness and contrast.

pantalla banderola p5 full color

Installation of a LED banner for tobacconist. Murcia

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When the Cosmi LED banner was installed in P5, the manager of the tobacconist wanted a technological equipment capable of being seen in two directions or on two sides and with Full Color capacity to place the content he would need at any time, whether it was image, video, gif or text.


In the end, advised by the partner and expert Cosmi, he decided on this Full Color P5 banner, for its square design and standard size, as well as its double-sided design and its brightness and contrast.


In addition Cosmi offers you its free software and App to control its range of Cosmi LED banners through your computer, mobile or Cloud.


Do you have a banner and want to turn it on or off via Alexa, Google or Home Kit?
Add the new SmartVoice to your banner and control your electronic sign via voice.


If you have a tobacconist or administration and want a sign like this, do not hesitate to contact us and we will immediately get one of our nearest distributors to install one of our LED banners.

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