Installation of a digital LED Full Color monopost . Granada

Installation of a digital LED Full Color monopost . Granada

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Equipment: P5 digital LED Full Color Cosmi monopost


Location: Granada


Where: Town hall 



Installation description

Digital LED Full Color monopost- Granada


In any city it is necessary to have a screen that broadcasts municipal information.


In this case, this installation is a digital monoposte LED Full Color ordered by the city of Granada.


This installation was carried out in 2019. In this case the city council of Granada needed to implement in their city a digital monoposte LED Full Color Cosmi, which was installed with great professionalism and speed.

In this installation they wanted to go a step further in the field of information. The city council wanted a digital LED monopost that would serve to offer the inhabitants of their city the time or live temperature, but also could inform them about information about the city, shows, cultural or sporting events, as well as the promotion of public events. That is why it chose the Cosmi brand for its new digital monopost LED Full Color.

In addition, the entire range of Cosmi Full Color LED digital monopoles, offer the possibility to change the content with a single click through the Cloud server. A totally free software which allows to create content remotely for any screen. Cosmi Full Color LED digital monoposts have a manual or automatic dimmable brightness. Thanks to this, in daylight the screen will emit a higher brightness while at night it will lower its brightness to avoid light pollution without sacrificing image quality.

Now passersby in Granada can enjoy the news, events and information from this new LED illuminated sign in their city.

A digital LED monopost from Cosmi that has a great image quality to offer impressive results.

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P5 digital LED Full Color monopost

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In the installation of the digital LED monoposte for the city council of Granada, the P5 information monoposte was chosen for its great features:
Its pixel pitch 5, which translates into perfect visibity and absolute contrast and brightness.
High brightness and a technology designed for outdoor use.
Cosmi Full Color LED digital monopoles are a perfect element for city councils and advertising agencies that need the plus of attracting their customers or inhabitants. Showing offers and informing about cultural or sporting events and shows.

If you have an advertising business or you are a city council and you want a sign like this, please contact us and we will get started immediately so that one of our nearest distributors will install one of our LED monopoles.

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