Installation of a Cosmi Full Color screen at a Murcia dealership

pantalla led cosmi concesionario


The visibility of a car dealership through Cosmi Full Color.

This Cosmi Full Color display was installed in April 2016, with a result of absolute visibility. Following advice from Cosmi’s technical team, the choice was made to install a Full Color P8.

This was largely dependent on the height at which the LED screen was to be installed, given that the Cosmi P8 model has an optimum viewing height of 8 metres and above, it was the most plausible option in terms of quality, price and visibility, resulting in a clear and spectacular image.


IInstallation of a Cosmi screen in a dealership. Murcia

montaje pantalla concesionario COSMI FULL COLOR


Surveys among our customers have shown that the places where Full Colour Cosmi screens have been installed have increased their sales by at least 20%.


Full color LED screens are increasingly being used in a variety of retail outlets such as car dealerships, both indoors and outdoors, due to the high level of interest they attract, as well as the long-term savings in advertising costs.



Installation of a Cosmi screen in a dealership. Murcia

With Cosmi Full Colour displays there is no need to print new offers or models that will later become obsolete.
obsolete, but all the material can be renewed as each business needs it.

With the purchase of each product in the Cosmi range, we provide you with free software and an app available to control your Full Color product, from creating small contents to regulating the brightness or setting the time.



This is a very useful and beneficial feature for the absolute control of each screen.

pantalla concesionario terminada COSMI FULL COLOR

In addition to offering Full Colour LED products of the highest quality, all Cosmi Full Colour screens enjoy a series of accessories included by default to elevate Cosmi screens to the highest category. Offering a further plus in the purchasing experience.

Included accessories: union screws, fastening anchors, locking key, control software, welcome manual…


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