Installation LED P8s Full Color pharmacy cross. Pontevedra

Changing cross to P8 LED Full Color Cosmi cross. Pontevedra

More data:

Equipment: P8 LED Full Color Cosmi cross


Location: Pontevedra


Where: Pharmacy



Installation description

Full Color LED pharmacy cross outdoors- Pontevedra

In the health field, and specifically in the pharmacy sector, innovation and visibility is key to inform, publicize or promote a product.

In this case, this installation is a replacement of a conventional pharmacy sign with a Full Color cross.


This installation took place in 2018. In this case, the pharmacy wanted to replace its conventional LED cross with a Cosmi Full Color cross, which was installed with great professionalism and speed in Pontevedra.

In this installation they wanted to go a step further in the field of signage. The pharmacist wanted a cross that could be used to inform customers of the location of his pharmacy, but also to advertise products, inform about the temperature, or show light effects. That is why he chose the Cosmi brand for his new LED pharmacy cross.

In addition, the entire range of Cosmi Full Color crosses have been conscientiously developed for outdoor use. Counting with an IP54 rating and a spectacular brightness to be seen even from long distances. This is a great advantage in Pontevedra, a place where it rains regularly.


Now passers-by in Pontevedra can enjoy the news, offers and information of this new LED sign in pharmacy.

A Cosmi Led cross that has great qualities to obtain amazing results.

P8 LED Full Color Cosmi cross

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In the change from a conventional pharmacy cross to the installation of a Cosmi Full Color cross, a P8s pharmacy cross was chosen for its different motifs:
– Its pixel pitch 8, since it was going to be placed in height and to be seen from a distance.
– For its size and classic design, which fit in with the corporate design of the pharmacy.
– For its high brightness and anti-glare. Its brightness has been optimally created to give the best of itself, and that this LED display is seen perfectly at any time of day with a self-regulation depending on the luxes of the environment (*This installation was done with the accessory brightness sensor).
The Cosmi Full Color pharmacy crosses are the perfect element for pharmacies that need the plus of attracting their customers. Showing offers and informing in every season of the year about different contents, such as colds, the best sun protection for summer, allergies, etc.

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