How to make a backup with HD Player

How to make a backup with HD Player


Making a backup copy can sometimes cause headaches due to its complexity or lack of time. In Cosmi, we wanted to summarize the steps. Offering a mini explanatory video easy to follow and to execute. So that you always have your backups in a safe place.



How to make a backup with HD Player

First steps: What is a backup?

Backup copies are the backup or copies that safeguard in case of loss. This means that they are a duplication of the content, in a compressed form, which can be called upon in the event of data loss.

Nowadays there are backup copies of almost everything related to computing and data usage. Whether it is a PC, smartphone, tablet, database, etc. Which is a great help to have the most sensitive content of loss always safe.




How to make a backup with HD Player

Backups on Full Color equipment

This is also true in the world of full colour equipment. When a company or client acquires a screen, the first thing they do is to put content on it. Whether it be videos, texts, images, or content created on our different equipment management platforms such as HD Player, Led ARt or the Cloud Server.

This content that is introduced on the screen or the content that is inserted later, can be lost at any given moment due to any incident. Whether internal or external to the equipment. That is why it is always recommended: the backup of the content.

This backup is done in a minute and ensures that no matter what happens, you will always be able to recover the content saved in that backup.



How to make a backup with HD Player

How do I back up content on Cosmi devices?

Cosmi, through its HD Player software, allows the backup of content in a very short time. Watch the full video and follow the steps to back up your content on Cosmi equipment.


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