How to create videos for holographic fans



The keys to creating eye-catching and interesting content for 3D fans



How to create videos for holographic fans

To understand how to create the best content for LED fans or 3D fans, we first need to know how this type of rotating technology works, which does not require external elements such as VR glasses or 3D glasses.


  What is a hologram and how is the image created in a holographic fan?

Holograms are videos or images that through the use of light and the use of several simultaneous planes, a three-dimensional image or video appears. Holograms are created through holography, which is understood as a photographic technique that tries to use technology to give life in 3 dimensions to images or videos.

In the case of holographic fans, the image is created through its high-powered RGB LED strip, which is embedded inside the fan blade. When rotating at high speed, it mimics the colours emitted by the LEDs inside, reproducing the content of videos or images that have been ordered.

To achieve a better three-dimensional effect, it will be necessary to introduce the videos and images in this 3D format.

In addition, when introducing the content to the fan, it must be created in a specific format that is understood by the holographic device.


fotogramas video holografico


How to create videos for holographic fans

Where are holographic fans usually used?

This 3D technology has been conceived to a large extent to be placed in shops, businesses, shops, department stores, shopping centres, shop windows, offices, exhibitions, congresses, etc. as an advertising tool that attracts attention because of its eye-catching appearance and because it is an unusual element in the everyday environment.

In the case of Cosmi, the holographic fan is an added element that we have incorporated in all our official showrooms.

Find out more about the holographic fan in our #cosmitec review.



Keys to creating engaging content on holographic fans


#1. Black: a key colour in this 3D technology.

The color black plays a great role in the elaboration of videos for this type of holographic projectors because, as it happens in modular technology or full color screens when it comes to creating black in an image or a video, the screen creates it by simply stopping emitting light in each LED diode where the colour black exists.

This way of creating black is also used by LED or LCD televisions. These imitate black by not sending light to the diode that is located in that band. So, when a television is turned off and looks black, it means that all the light emitting diodes are turned off.

The black emission in holographic fans is created in the same way as in full colour or LCD displays.

The holographic fan does not emit light where it detects black. By not emitting light, it is possible to see what is happening through the fan. Getting that the image created with black background, seems to float in the room or place where the fan is installed.




 resultado ventilador holografico


How to create videos for holographic fans

#2. A single visual element: focus attention on the product.

When creating content for a holographic fan, whether it is creating an image or a video, the main object or element must be taken into account.

It must be taken into account that holographic fans are small screens, so they should not be overloaded with a video where there are a multitude of elements such as a film trailer.

Given that these holographic screens are usually used for shops or businesses, it is recommended to place images or videos of the product or products to be marketed that have some movement and with no background (or black background).

In this way, when the fan starts to rotate and emits the visual content, the centre of attention will be on the product, which is moving.


In the case of the Cosmi showrooms, we wanted to draw attention to the firm and our official partner. In this way, the logo seems to float above the showroom.

In this video you can see the result of the #showroomCosmi in Madrid.



#3. Durability: short is as short as it is long.

This saying perfectly describes the durability of the final composition that will be reproduced on the fan.

The focus should be on a product to make it known, or on a brand to create a brand image. Or even both.

It is best to be guided by the strategy set by the company for the creation of the final graphic composition.

Its durability: the ideal for this type of composition is a maximum durability of 55 seconds.

This type of action has an impact on the audience, so it must: captivate the audience in a short time or motivate them to perform an action.



#4. Three-dimensional sensation: elevate your holographic fan to the exceptional

For the creation of the videos that will be incorporated in the holographic device it is recommended to use programs such as Blender, Cinema 4D, Photoshop or even create a product video with Affter Effects.

Remember that it is very important to give it character and volume. Be it a product, logo, text, person, etc.

For this it is important to play with the light when creating the composition of the video, as well as giving it volume (functions that are in all these programs) and of course use a black background that will be transparent during playback on the holographic device.

In the end, the graphic piece should be exported in .mp4 format for its balance between weight and quality. However, this format will later have to be transformed into the specific format that can be played by the holographic fan.



How to create videos for holographic fans

Did you know that you can create a hologram on a full color screen?

No doubt this way of conceiving an advertising video can capture even more attention. An example of a hologram on television is the one made by the presenter Jorge Javier Vazquez who appeared as a hologram last week on the Telecinco programme, Sálvame diario to commemorate the 10th anniversary of Mediaste’s star ship.

See the example of the result of this hologram of Jorge Javier Vazquez.


These are some guidelines to get a three-dimensional image or video in a fan, but …



Source:Youtube. Developers of this hologram: Cubensis Project

No doubt you will see that they have used all the elements mentioned in the previous points, such as the black background, a single main element, the light, etc.


Source:Youtube. Developers of this hologram: Cubensis Project

So if you have purchased a modular technology display for your business, whether it is a full colour LED display, a full colour rental or even a standardised display such as an advertising billboard, you can create eye-catching holograms by following these guidelines.

You can start creating eye-catching holograms by following these guidelines.


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