Digital LED sign installation Zaragoza

marquesina instalada zaragoza

Digital LED sign banner installation Zaragoza

The Cosmi universe more visible in Zaragoza

Last June a new Cosmi Full Color sign was installed for one of our authorised installers in the Zaragoza area. Cosmi Full Color banners are the perfect tool to make yourself known in places where potential customers pass through.

These LED canopies are specially designed to be installed both indoors and outdoors due to their resistance to environmental and atmospheric phenomena, as well as their high brightness and resolution, which means an optimal display both day and night, as well as the possibility of placing dynamic content according to the needs of each client at any time of the year.


marquesina led zaragoza banner digital outdoor digital signae

Cosmi Full Color displays banners are used to a large extent to attract the customer’s attention and move them to shop inside the shop.


Digital LED sign banner installation Zaragoza

Increasingly this use is proliferating in places with a large number of passers-by or in establishments located on streets or avenues where a large number of vehicles pass by.

This serves primarily to make yourself known to new users, as well as to inform the customer of where your business is located or what you do.


Likewise, valuable content within the banner full color  also helps to create a need for the potential customer and move them to purchase.



Advantages of having Cosmi digital banners with Full Colour technology

Cosmi banners have several advantages over the competition, including easy access to the interior for possible repairs by means of its gas spring that facilitates the opening and its hermetic closure that returns the canopy to its usual position and provides security for it.



Installation of digital LED signage Zaragoza

In Zaragoza we already have our authorised installer of the Cosmi brand. He already knows the Cosmi universe.

A company of great professionals who work to offer their customers the visual and signage products that best suit their needs, as well as a process of quality advice that results in satisfied customers.

A philosophy that is closely linked to the Cosmi brand.

Our commitment to the perfection of our LED products constantly pushes the boundaries of quality in all phases of the value chain, from the manufacture of every single component to the support of an efficient after-sales service.

In this way we have created a world of commitment, passion, knowledge and dedication around the brand and all that it entails.

Attract attention and capture the potential customer on site with Cosmi full colour canopies.

You can watch the whole installation process in this video ↓



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