Differences between synchronous and asynchronous communication

diferencia entre sincrono y asincrono

Differences between synchronous and asynchronous communication

As a general rule, the vast majority of full-color displays on the market can establish synchronous or asynchronous communications. Depending on the needs of each user. These systems incorporate different electronic devices.


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Differences between synchronous and asynchronous communication

Purpose of a synchronous and asynchronous system

The most prominent is the possibility to display content in real time (synchronous).
Taking into account the form of communication between the display (receiver) and the controller (transmitter) they can be classified in two ways:

  • Synchronous system
  • Asynchronous system

Differences between synchronous and asynchronous communication

What is a synchronous system

The synchronous system interprets the information and reproduces the content in real time on the full-color screens.
The participants must be connected at the same time.

Synchronous communication tools are: videoconferences, chats, live football matches, live concerts, real-time rallies, live chats, etc. In other words, all the content that is happening at that precise moment.

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Example of concerts:

In the case of a concert, a Full Color rental screen of the size and pixel required is usually placed at the concert venue (something that the modular technology of Cosmi screens allows us to do) and its IP will vary depending on whether the concert is held indoors or outdoors.

This type of screen is very easy to assemble and disassemble, due to its lightness, slim thickness and easy and quick assembly cabins.

While the concert is in progress, a camera or several cameras record the singer, stage or audience and the same content is displayed directly on these rental screens.


Synchronous communication is also used for rallies where a camera records the politician and displays it directly on the screen so that people further away can see it in an optimal way.

In the case of live televised matches, which are shown on Cosmi Full Colour screens, there is also a synchronous communication system.

The screen is connected via the coaxial input (TV antenna) or to the digital platforms and plays the content directly to the processor, which sends the content to the screen.


Cosmi intelligent processor

All Cosmi modular technology displays in synchronous mode require a processor. Depending on the dimensions of the full colour screen, a specific processor will be required in each case, which will vary depending on the pixels of each Cosmi screen.

Equipment using this communication system:

– As mentioned above, this communication system is mostly used in rental displays.

– In Cosmi full color LED screens. The Cosmi full color screens are also usually implanted with this communication system, especially in the case of shopping centres that show live meetings.


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Differences between synchronous and asynchronous communication

What is an asynchronous system?

he asynchronous communication system interprets the information and reproduces the content but does not occur in real time.

In other words, the asynchronous communication system is used in all Cosmi screens that intend to display content that is usually advertising content, such as images, dynamic texts, videos, etc.

This type of content can be changed quickly through our default programme (available for Windows) or through any Smartphone or Tablet (as long as the WIFI module is installed in the Cosmi screen purchased).
The asynchronous form of communication is typically used in most standardised Cosmi equipment, such as:

As they are products created to a large extent to offer a changing and dynamic form of advertising with an infinite number of possibilities. By means of the programme with which the management of the asynchronous Cosmi screens is carried out, it can be programmed:

  • Time of switching on and off of the screen
  • Brightness depending on the time and day
  • Content to be displayed on a certain day or at a certain time.
  • Set information such as the clock, temperature, humidity in the environment, or the weather at any given moment.

In addition to all these functionalities, content can be easily created through the free software.

Dual mode:

In Cosmi we also offer the possibility of having a screen that in certain cases communicates synchronously and in others asynchronously.

By means of the Dual player that Cosmi makes available to you, you can have a screen that accepts both forms of communication, but never at the same time.

That is to say, you can play synchronous content of a live football match and at half-time switch the screen to asynchronous communication to announce offers,
sponsors, etc.

If you need help or want to install one of our LED screens for events, do not hesitate to contact us.



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