Cosmi Level I course summary

Resumen del curso Cosmi Nivel I

Summary of the Cosmi Led Level I Advanced Course given and organised by Iluminled. On the 30th of May we gave our first Cosmi classroom course.

On 30 May 2019, Cosmi held a second advanced level I course. With the same concepts that were already seen in the first course, but with a greater depth in the subject. A more practical day was held, attended by our Cosmi partners and collaborators.

On this occasion, the exponential growth of Cosmi was highlighted. With the presentation of new partners and new projects planned for the short and medium term.


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Cosmi course attendees and feedback

Although there were some last minute withdrawals, the course was practically full. Our professionals from Spain and Portugal enjoyed this day and left us some very positive feedback and opinions.


Juanjo Fernández, general manager of the company Domesa Sysmen in Barcelona, gave us his opinion about the course:

“After the day that we have had so satisfactory at the level of course and product, I think it is a step towards success, this great family called Cosmi”.



But not only that, we had contributions and opinions from many other partners who attended, as is the case of the company Elekam in Bilbao. Their two representatives told us about the benefits of having a greater knowledge of Cosmi Full color LED equipment and therefore the contributions of these courses to their professional improvement.







A course that left in general a very good impression, and new proposals to carry out.


The four most important keys around which the Cosmi Advanced Level I course revolved:


  • The course started at 10 o’clock in the morning. At the reception, the first key that would capture all eyes: the digital photocall, a photocall created from rental screens that made the delight of our guests and collaborators.

They observed their pitch and another of the functionalities of the Cosmi full color screens: the possibility of using them as a tool for events that was changeable and that allowed interactivity with the user. This type of display proposes the extension of the target audience to the world of events.

Cosmi Full color screens as photocalls are a great differentiating resource and a future advertising resource for the hotel and catering industry, professional events, press rooms, events, etc. Which until now have been using conventional cardboard photocalls.



  • Awards ceremony. After informing our partners that Cosmi is already the largest distribution network of visual communication equipment in Spain and Portugal. Cosmi was recognised with two awards from two important Chinese companies for its work and its exponential growth, as well as its commitment to quality throughout the manufacturing process.

These awards were presented to Cosmi’s partners and collaborators at this meeting of professionals.


  • Transfer of practical knowledge. Cosmi, from the very beginning, has always been very aware of the importance of training its collaborators and sharing with them all the secrets of Cosmi’s visual communication equipment.

So that our collaborators and partners can optimise time, have a great knowledge of the equipment and control, in a professional manner, each installation. For this reason, this new course that Cosmi held on 30 May was a great success.

Not only did we focus on theory, but we also carried out case studies in which our attendees were able to familiarise themselves with the software and solve all the doubts in each section.


  • Professional meeting. The Cosmi course was not only a way to share knowledge with our partners, but it was also a meeting of professionals who shared their impressions, presented their ideas and discussed. A business environment full of professionalism, great experts and the desire and enthusiasm to continue growing.

With a two-way communication, where appreciations, ideas and improvements for Cosmi were noted. Some of our partners also left us their evaluations in our interactive photocall Cosmi.

> See an example of this



did transcend the whole day, which lasted until mid-afternoon. It concluded with the presentation of diplomas.






The attendees also got to know the new products in the Showroom Cosmi and the projection of Cosmi’s LED equipment.

If you also want to be part of Cosmi and become an official partner, click here.




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