Cosmi LCD and Full Color Mupis. Design and functionality


Led mupis are the new sales tool in shopping centres and shops.


Cosmi LCD and Full Color mupis. Design and functionality

More and more every day, technology has burst not only in homes but also in businesses, companies and commerce. Whether they are SMEs or multinationals.

This is the case of billboards. Up until now, the mupis were static posters that provided information or advertised a product or service.

These LED mupis evolved by incorporating light tubes or even static posters that rotated within a mupi-shaped structure. A clear example of this was seen with the advertisements for upcoming films.

Advertising is also adapting to new technologies. And Cosmi, as a manufacturer of visual communication equipment, is offering its new products adapted to the market and setting the course to follow in this advertising framework.


Cosmi LCD and Full Color mupis. Design and functionality

 As novelties at the next C-Print. Cosmi will present its entire range of LED mupis. Both its full colour range and the most interactive range of mupis:

> Mupis for Full Color Cosmi advertising.

This type of advertising communication is almost two metres high. This is a tool that manages to attract customers at different distances by means of its size.

Another of its differential values is its modular technology. It consists of the union of LED panels. These LED panels are made up of diodes that emit colour, creating a clear and perfect image in its entirety.



Cosmi LCD and Full Color mupis. Design and functionality

Advantages of Full Color VS LCD mupis


1. LED brightness

The advantage of full colour billboards over LCD billboards is mainly this feature. Due to the LEDs, Full Colour displays will always have a brightness that is unattainable for LCD displays. This results in an optimal view, both during the day and at night.

2. Resolution

Another factor and advantage of this LED technology is its high resolution.

As each diode emits light separately, and as there is such a small distance between LEDs, the sharpness and resolution will always be incredible.

3. Indoor and outdoor

Finally, and as a particularity of the Full Color Cosmi mupis, it is possible to place them both indoors and outdoors. Being a perfect tool capable of broadcasting videos, images, informing about temperature and time, or programming with certain contents depending on the day or place.



Cosmi LCD and Full Color mupis. Design and functionality


> Mupi LCD 55súper delgado

As a great novelty, Cosmi will present its new super slim LCD billboards. A new mupis with a slimmer design, and two different sizes: 43 inches and the 55 inches model.

The main feature of this type of billboard is its interactivity. The large touch screen allows great functionality to the user. Consuming advertising in a dynamic and bidirectional way.

These types of tactile billboards are a great investment for the great advantages they have in any business. Its Android operating system offers the possibility of creating a business APP. Close the display to only offer your web page or APP, etc.

An example of this new perfectly integrated technology can be seen in two large fast food chains. Both of them have incorporated touch-screen billboards in their restaurants that serve as digital waiters for consumers.

The Cosmi Super Slim marquees unite design and interactivity through their large dimensions, their tactile function, as well as their stereo speakers that emit surround sound. Creating a whole shopping experience for the user.

This is why these super Slim billboards are an additional sales tool, both in large businesses and in small and medium-sized companies.

Each mupi can be adapted to each type of establishment and will always be integrated by means of its avant-garde chassis with rounded lines and manufactured in black striated.



Discover the whole Cosmi universe and the different models of mupis



Created by: Gloria  Ayala


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